The Claremont Institute

January 22 CCJ Town Hall: Houses & Church Signs

May 1, 2015

In this town hall, the Claremont Institute's Dr. John C. Eastman is joined by Roger Clegg, President and General Counsel for the Center for Equal Opportunity, to sort out the issue of disparate-impact claims in Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project. What is disparate impact? Is it cognizable under the Fair Housing Act? What standards and burdens of proof should apply?

Dr. Eastman and Gene C. Schaerr then discuss Reed v. Town of Gilbert, a case in which the Court considers the right of a church to place temporary signs promoting services and giving directions to service locations in public places. 

Mr. Schaerr authored the amicus brief for the General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists in this case and will offer his analysis of the case and the Court's deliberations in oral arguments. Mr. Schaerr most recently served as Utah's Special Assistant Attorney General, and before that was a partner and Chair of Appellate & Critical Motions Practice at Winston & Strawn.