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Dr. Charles Kesler on Trump’s joint address to Congress on KPCC’s AirTalk - 3/1/17

March 6, 2017

President Trump's address before Congress conveyed a very different tone than his inaugural or campaign speeches.

Instead of focusing on what he sees as the country's disastrous condition, he touted improvements he says are coming. Now the question is whether Congress will agree with his plans. Right now, both sides are meeting on healthcare reform.


Charles Kesler, Dengler-Dykema Distinguished Professor of Government at Claremont McKenna College and editor of the Claremont Review of Books

Caroline Heldman, associate professor of politics at Occidental College and co-author of ‘Rethinking Madam President: Are We Ready for a Woman in the White House?’ (Lynne Rienner Pub, 2007)